Caldini Guido Srl

Italian business company in the olive oil supply chain, has had an active presence on the market for over a century, in continuous evolution and expansion that has based its success on the trade of excellent products made through careful selection processes, quality and innovation. Specific self-control and certification plans have allowed us to operate in compliance with environmental and safety regulations, consistently strengthening and improving the production department and allowing us to consolidate our position in several sectors.

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Discover CALDOLIVA® the renewable and ecological Eco Green Fuel made from Italian olive kernel, ideal for both domestic and industrial heating stoves. Let yourself be surprised by the exceptional heat output, the practicality of use and its total sustainability. From the manufacturer directly to your home an excellent alternative to pellets.

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Ex Terra Vires

From the strength of the Earth, of the olive trees and plants, our most prized product, EX TERRA VIRES® Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP from Tuscany. A magnificent combination of taste, quality and wellness that you will never cease to discover. Tuscan for real.

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